How to get the study technique that works for you

Well, this is a really short post. I hope you enjoy reading it.

There are different types of study techniques and I’m sure you’ve already had to use at least one. But it could be a problem when you find that the techniques you’ve been using don’t work well for you. The best way to work around this problem in my opinion is taking out what I call an

Experimentation month (I recommend that this month should be one of your holidays).

  • ¬†Within this month you should try 4 study techniques that seem interesting to you. Pick up 4 materials from a field you have little or no idea about. For instance, If you were a student taking a physics major, I’d say look for some more articles related to human resources. Just pick out random articles from the news, the internet, a text in the library. The articles you pick should be between 2 – 4 pages long (your aim is not to really to get into the field, these articles are for experimentation). You could also pick up materials related to your field but ensure that it is something you did not already know.


  • Study each material with a study method for a period of time say 1 day. For instance, if you picked up four articles, study the first article with the first method and so on. At the end you should try to access your level of understanding of the topics discussed in these articles. Now as much as possible pick articles that you feel are at the same level of difficulty.


  • Your level of understanding and generally comfort with an article you studied will be a direct indication of your comfort with the study technique you used in studying that particular material. Do note that there are certain other factors that may come to play but if you do follow these guidelines I think you may come closer to finding a comfortable study technique. Note the technique that you used in studying the material you understand the most


  • Make a list. The technique used in studying your most comprehended material should be your #1 technique. The technique used In studying your least comprehended material should be your #4 technique.


  • Pick another set of articles like you did in the first step. This time study two of these materials with your #1 technique and study the other 2 with your #2 technique. If you find that you understand the materials you studied with the #1 technique better than you understand the other materials then this technique may be the best technique for you.


  • Keep doing these steps for the entire month. Change the techniques if you please, and feel free to use some of the techniques you used for the first trial of the process. At the end of the month review the technique you found yourself using more often to study the materials.


  • The technique you used more often ought to be your study technique because the fact that you wanted to keep using it to study is an indication that you are more comfortable with it.


  • Getting the technique is just part of the process. If you want to stick to it and get really comfortable you have to use this technique consistently until it becomes a part of your study habit. There are different methods for making a technique a habit but note this, if you do something consistently for 30 days it becomes a habit.

I hope this post was helpful, if you have any suggestions, criticisms or remarks please you are welcome to leave them as comments below.