About This Blog:

This blog is dedicated to teaching people the skills and techniques they need for effective learning in this age characterized primarily by information overload. The blog is also dedicated to helping its readers get awareness of free e-learning platforms where they can build their skills and develop their careers with the valuable knowledge they obtain.Some articles in the blog will also be dedicated to those seeking to get a career in the field of computer science. The aim of these articles is to make sure nobody who reads them goes into the field without a clue of its scope and of the various options available for them in the field.

About Me:

My name is Kofi Oghenerukevwe Henrietta (rukky kofi). I’m a Nigerian student studying computer science at Covenant University. This blog is a product of my experience as a student, my observations of other students and my research on the various topics I write about in the blog.

Contact Me:

You can write an email to me at:

rukkykofi@yahoo.com     or


I’ll answer quicker if you send your mail to the first one.


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