You Vs Procrastination: a battle to the death

you vs procrastination

No, I’m not crazy and yes it is a battle to the death (if you were wondering).

I’m sure at some point we’ve all heard of people who work efficiently – they do what they have to do at the time they

eating with the enemyhave to do it. And yes you’ve probably asked this question: “how do they do it?”, personally I answered that question by saying that people like that are strange. But now I know better, they have to fight against procrastination too, just like the rest of us. It is a personal battle. In fact it never becomes a battle until you decide to stop eating with the enemy – procrastination, and start fighting it with all you’ve got.

This blog is about learning so I’ll discuss it from this perspective. We students procrastinate more often than any other group of individuals and we usually end up frustrated by *procrastination* towards the end of every semester when we have to crash read all the course content for the semester. Despite these termly frustrations, we seem never to learn our lesson. Even I don’t get why. (if you do, leave your explanation for this phenomenon as a comment).

The fact that it is a personal battle means one thing: You have to find your way to fight it and find a way to keep fighting it for the rest of your life. However, here are some tools you can train with as you prepare yourself for war.


1. The Why Not? Motivation:

This technique is simple. Whenever you feel like procrastinating, simply ask yourself why you should procrastinate. Ask yourself why you should not do what you ought to do at the moment. Try to stop at every point in time when you are deciding to do something or put it off to some other time. Take this time of decision and use it to interrogate yourself.I could go on talking, but I’ve tried this technique and I know the real truth all too well. Procrastinating is easier than doing what you have to do. So it makes sense to always do what is easier, it is after all, easier. Now that sort of thinking is a loophole and to avoid that you should look at the next technique.

2. Jump in Head first?

I know we have probably heard that we should take a lot of time to consider our actions before doing them. Well yes, you must think before you do anything but when you can’t seem to make up your mind to do or not do something, there is only one way to avoid procrastinating. Just DO IT. Forget the whole decision making process and DO IT. While you’re still trying to decide between sleeping and studying, your mind already has a default – “Just do it later” (it’s crazy, but if you think of it procrastinating is easier and your mind determines that it is more efficient to do what is easier at any point in time) – if you look at it that way, it makes perfect sense.

If you’re fond of planning a lot, this one decision comes in the guise of a re-schedule. You actually start planning when you’ll do it later, how you’ll do it later and you think of some really awkward reasons why you should do it later because your mind was made up the moment you became undecided.

To illustrate this let me give you an instance of a cycle: you wake up from your nap, decide to study, then try deciding what to study, you spend a small amount of time trying to study, then you suddenly find something else you’d rather do than study (for instance, watch television, visit a friend, eat, anything that is not as boring as reading), then you begin to decide again – shall I study or shall I not? Well, your mind will most likely already know the answer to that before you start thinking of ways to reschedule (because you’ve already had your mind made).

My advice is skip the decision part when you’re trying to decide to procrastinate (which is the default decision our mind makes for us), Jump into your work and Just do it.

3. Quit the Fantasy:

This is so important. We all have our dreams and little fantasies we return to from time to time. There is however a difference between a fantasy and a vision (both are forms of dreams). If you have a dream of getting a good grade at the end of the semester it is a fantasy if you just keep dreaming and never stop to actually pay the price you need to pay to see it come true – study. When you make up your mind to quit fantasizing about things, a heavy weight will be lifted off you because you’ll no longer want what you’ll not have. Now I’m not saying visualizing your goals is bad. I’m saying that you should not permit yourself to dream of something you are not working towards. This way when you do dream, It serves to reinforce any effort you are already putting into achieving your goals. This effort is what ultimately makes your visions a reality.

So with the weapons you have now, I’m sure you’re ready to go to war.

if you want some cool details on procrastination click here.

For now that is all I have, stay tuned for updates to this post and do not forget to leave your comments below.



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